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What is Altostream?

Altostream is a blockchain-powered music platform that enables you make money tokenizing listening. Altostream uses blockchain’s revolutionary tokenized economies (ALTO) to provide a better experience for creatives, curators, and listeners at a lower upfront cost.


Pay a standard fee to listen to unlimited streaming of songs.


Enjoy unlimited hi-definition streaming of your favorite music.


$ALTO tokens are proportionally rewarded to creators and curators

Advantages of Altostream?

Better Pricing

We beat the benchmark by undercutting on price early and delivering long term fat tail growth.

Earn Tokens

Artists and listeners can earn tokens by supporting/growing the Altostream community.

Higher Streaming Revenue

Artists and listeners earn a far higher percentage of streaming revenue comapred to other platforms.

Organic Growth

Artists are given a fair chance to grow their fan base organically since Altostream is cheat-proof.

Join other creatives today

Altostream - Music streaming like never before.


Got more questions about the Alto token and how the wallet system works? We’ve got you covered with the major questions you may have.

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